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Post by EasyE on Wed Dec 24, 2014 4:14 pm

Hello there! You are either new here, or have been on the forums for who knows how long but you decided to check the rules anyways then I welcome you! So before I get to the rules since they are pretty standard and easy to remember I will list of the rules that are most important to follow at all times (and because I bet 90% of you people just read the rule and ignore the details am I right xD). So here are the basic rules to follow:

1. Be Respectful/considerate
  No drama, no trouble. No ones wants to be bashed or left out so don't be rude and give respect to everyone and they will do the same. If you see something you don't like or someone makes you angry etc then again realize that the ages for forumers vary so be considerate, no swearing please and if you be cool about it everyone will have a good time woohoo!

2. No spam
  Ok for some reason some people never understand this concept. Spamming is when you make a bunch of threads that pretty much takes up all the space. Personally I really dislike it when people do that for no apparent reason and there really isn't any reason why you can do that because it just annoys some people, blocks off good threads, makes threads longer when they don't have to be etc like there are more problems from spamming then any sort of benifit (and there are no benifits!). So don't spam, even if you want attention people will dislike you quickly trust me just b active post what is necessary and yeah everything will be fine!

3. Everyone has rights
   Ok so keep in mind that everyone can express their opinions and thoughts without judgement so what that means is anyone can say what they want to say and you cannot bash them for it because well you have the exact same rights as they do. Developer or moderator or a forumer I myself don't really care because we all share the same rights and no one will be treated unfairly otherwise that's just not cool. So you have rights, everyone else also has rights so just remember that fact!

4. Misbehaving/bullying
   Penalties. No exception. If we see some really bad things going on or we see someone bullying someone else because they are either jerks or enjoy ruining someone's life then those people will be punished. So we don't want any "bs" from any of you and there are no excuses if you act wrongly. His goes a bit with some of the other rules so just don't be "that guy/girl" who makes everything worse and just be nice to eachother!

5. Have FUN!
  This isn't really a rule you might think but we recommend that you have fun with this! Make good threads, meet new people and go crazy (by crazy I don't mean spam I mean do what you want to do that at the same time pleases the rules HMMM). If you ever have questions or need help well just ask any of us we will assist you as best as we can :3.

If you read the rules you might have noticed that they were very simple and you know a bit laid back. Well that's because like I said this isn't new to you, you should already know all these things! These are probably the most important rules in general so follow these and we'll have fun! Enjoy your stay here and don't do anything silly unless you are making a joke HAHA :3

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