Tips in posting Threads!

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Tips in posting Threads!

Post by ImmortalGod on Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:07 am

Here are the tips I can give when you're planning to post a thread or commenting in the forums!
1. You have to use light or bright colors font when you're posting or commenting.
-Because as you can see the background of our forums is Dark Green. When you use light ones, you can easily read the post like this! Instead of this!

2. When you're posting something be in the point no extensions!
-Sometimes you need to post directing to the point so your readers can understand what you want to say.

3. Use different colors!
-Use different color like Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Violet/Purple or White! So your readers can enjoy it!

4. Right Capitalization!
-Use capital letters (big letters) so the readers can easily understand like there is a user named Pantaloons but they get confuse because you don't use capital letters!

5. Don't over-use emojis or emoticons!
-Example me I don't want to use emojis that much because it'll distract me or other while reading and get confuse! Wink But instead use it creatively!

So here are the 5 tips I can give you! And please if you have a tip that must be in the forum or my topic put it in the comment below and sorry if I have a bad English Grammar! I don't even know if I have mistakes in these words I've used for my post...  Wink  Razz  And as always be Immortal!


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